Stamina pays off in the end

We can only achieve our goals if we have the necessary stamina. And this is also totally in the interests of our clients and partners.

On its path to growth and prosperity, MEC relies on employees who don’t run out of steam even on long-term projects. Many small steps help us to reach our goal. And most certainly we will also have failures or retrogradesteps along the way. But we have learned to change direction.Giving up is not an option!

Our stamina training has paid off:

10 consecutive years of growth
We have grown continuously since we were founded in 2011. We have brought in new colleagues and added new departments. We have honed our position: from a specialist for retail parks and hybrid malls to a retail property generalist.

In 2021, our MEC Competence Centre in Saarbrücken was added with its two Accounting and Contract Management teams. Previously formally located at Metro Properties, but always working for us, they have finally officially become part of the successful MEC team. Find more information here.

Today, we manage over 80 retail properties nationwide. This is a record that didn’t happen overnight. And it is also a record to which everyone from the MEC team has contributed, by not giving up even when faced with difficulties, and just carrying on regardless.
Sporty: new look & feel

We have had a new image since the summer of 2021. Our website underwent a makeover back then, and now presents us as we truly are. Because, of course, we have evolved over the last ten years. We also created our new Image brochure and the in-house version of this website has also been available to colleagues since then. 

Of course, all this did not happen overnight. The Marketing & PR team got much of this off the ground working closely with all departments and agencies.

2021: Record rental result with a total floor area of 132,000 m²

We celebrated a rental record in 2021, thanks to our combined values: an interdisciplinary approach, individual solutions, and client and market focus. By comparison: the 2020 figure was 85,000 square metres. The increase is due, among other things, to the professional renovation and successful re-leasing of former Real supermarket premises. There’s more on this in the press section of the MEC website.

Ten successful FMZ reports

Since 2013 we have been publishing our industry report “Retail Market Centers in Germany” every year. Each year we devote around 100 pages to a specific topic that is currently important for retail parks. With this we show that we are true experts in our field and that we have the necessary bite to persevere even in difficult times (like Corona).
The current issue of the FMZ Report was published on November 22, 2022. Future-oriented as we are, the topic is: "Evoluzzer wanted. Retail real estate – big changes and new opportunities.”

Everyone would do it if it were that easy.

That’s how we keep fit