We have long breath

We can only achieve our goals if we have the necessary perseverance. This is also in the interests of our customers and partners. On the way to growth and prosperity, MEC relies on employees who don't run out of breath even with long-term projects. Many small steps bring us to our goal. This certainly includes failures or setbacks. But we have learned to change direction.Giving up is not an option!

Our stamina training has paid off:

Success convinces: long-standing locations in the MEC portfolio

Our services are well received and in high demand. It is not for nothing that we have had many of our retail properties in our portfolio for a long time. As a result, we have been able to build up a great deal of know-how at all of the locations, and we know exactly what the local consumers and trading partners want. By focusing on their needs, they become enduringly loyal fans. To the delight of our clients, who reward us with long-term trust. There are regular center anniversaries, which we celebrate together with colorful programs for center visitors.
Top positions in various rankings make it clear that our retail properties are among the strongest in Germany. In the Shopping Center Performance Report 2022 by the consulting firm Ecostra two of our locations made it into the top 10. The Sieben-Seen-Center Schwerin took 3rd place, Elisen Park Greifswald 8th place. Other of our centers also perform well and are also represented in the ranking. The good rankings show that local consumers like to shop with us and that we have a high level of tenant satisfaction.

Persuasion leads to tenant resettlement

Successfully concluded leases are based on persuasion by our leasing teamsWe are also happy to offer available space to our strong trading partners more often. Because we are confident in our hotspots. We have no shortage of strong arguments: good customer frequency and an attractive trading environment always help in negotiations. At the end of 2022, this, which has been going well since then, use branch. A year later, in December 2023, we were able to use part of the former disco in the Fulda enamel factory rent to Action.Since then, we have been using the previously vacant space for a new purpose.

Our rental performance was also impressive overall in 2023: thanks to our perseverance, we concluded 258 new and follow-up rental agreements. This is how we achieved a record result of 172,000m² of total rented area! More information about this is here..

The MEC sprints ahead

New colleagues and new business areas have been added since our company was founded in 2011. We have sharpened our positioning: from specialists for retail parks and hybrid malls to generalists for retail properties.

Today we manage over 70 retail properties nationwide. A record that didn't happen overnight. And a record that everyone in the MEC team contributed to by not giving up even in the face of difficulties and continuing to push through. über 70 Handelsimmobilien bundesweit. Ein Rekord, der nicht über Nacht gekommen ist. Und ein Rekord, zu dem jeder aus der MEC-Mannschaft beigetragen hat, indem jeder auch bei Schwierigkeiten nicht aufgibt und sich weiter durchbeißt.

In 2021, our MEC Competence Centre in Saarbrücken was added with its two Accounting and Contract Management teams. Previously formally located at Metro Properties, but always working for us, they have finally officially become part of the successful MEC team. Find more information here.

Eleven successful FMZ reports

Since 2013, we have been publishing our industry report “Specialty retail centers in Germany” every year. Every year we devote around 100 pages to a specific topic that is currently important for retail parks. This shows that we are true experts in our field and that we have the necessary grit to persevere even in challenging times.
The current edition of the FMZ Report was published on November 17, 2023. Future-oriented as we are, the theme is: “Energy boost. Rethink retail locations.”

Everyone would do it if it were that easy.

That’s how we keep fit