Always stay agile

We retain the agility and flexibility we need by responding to our clients’ needs in a customised manner. We create made-to-measure solutions for our clients, which are tailored to their requirements (see Client and market focusEach and every one of us actively contributes to the high-quality and individual adaptability of our services. We are thus always one step ahead of the competition. To deliver on this promise, we need every MEC colleague and our agility. How do we do it? It’s right here. here.

Our agility training has paid off:

Our colorful team provides individual solutions

The personalities who work at MEC are diverse. Living diversity and appreciating this diversity have a positive impact on our company and, more broadly, on society, of that we are certain. We accept every team member with all their individual facets. For example, age does not play a role for us when it comes to new hires. We also have colleagues from different nations, with different educational backgrounds and CVs. However, one thing always remains the same with us: Everyone can develop freely with us. Because we are aware: Diversity creates diverse solutions, opens up diverse markets and inspires diverse customers. We therefore see diversity as a success factor. The more diverse we are, the better and more innovative are our ideas and thus the solutions for our customers.

Im Auftrag des Kunden: Neuausrichtung des StadtCenter Düren

Ein gutes Beispiel für unsere individuellen Standort-Modernisierungen das StadtCenter Düren, bei dem 2023 alle Zeichen auf Wandel stehen. Das interdisziplinäre MEC-Team aus Vermietung, Bau und dem Centermanagement sorgt im Auftrag des Eigentümers Union Investment Real Estate für eine Neuausrichtung des Standortes. Für die Bestandsmieter Saturn und KiK gibt es etwa bauliche Veränderungen: Während der Textildiscounter hausintern vom Erdgeschoss ins erste Obergeschoss zog und im Dezember 2022 seine Neueröffnung feierte, bekommt der Elektronikhändler bald eine optimierte, für ihn am Standort passgenaue, Fläche. Durch die neue Flächenaufteilung entsteht zudem zusätzlicher Platz für TK Maxx als neuen Mieter auf zwei Ebenen.

Team MEC treibt die Neuausrichtung in jeglicher Hinsicht voran, führt die Generalplanungsleistung durch, reicht die Bauanträge für sämtliche Maßnahmen ein und übernimmt die Projektsteuerung sowie die technische Mieterkoordination. Durch das enge Teamplay haben wir schon einige Meilensteine bei der großen Umstrukturierung erreichen können. In dem Tempo geht es dann auch die kommenden Monate weiter voran.
Mehr zu unseren Bauleistungen gibt’s hier.

Re-letting and redesign of former Real supermarket branches

Whether Edeka, Marktkauf, Globus or Kaufland – we have found ideal new tenants at many of our locations where a Real branch was previously located. We have been able to celebrate many openings together over the past few months. We always focus on the needs of our center visitors and the range of services offered by our rental partners and coordinate these with one another.

Through close cooperation with the new dealers, owners and cities, we succeed in successful location management. By the summer of 2023, we have successfully completed conversions at a total of 23 locations. 

Here are just a few some of our openings at the Schwabach, Freiburg, Leipzig and Lübeck locations

Individually created contracts
All contracts are adapted to the needs of our clients. Colleagues from different departments are involved in creating all contracts for individual property services to ensure that the portfolio of services is precisely defined, and that the remit and personnel deployment can be defined.

Flexible working

Our company agreement allows us and our colleagues to work from home wherever possible for up to two days a week. This promotes a good work-life balance. And it also has a positive impact on our results, which benefits our clients, partners and our colleagues alike.

We never limit ourselves, but set out to discover opportunities.

That’s how we keep fit