Always stay agile

We retain the agility and flexibility we need by responding to our clients’ needs in a customised manner. We create made-to-measure solutions for our clients, which are tailored to their requirements (see Client and market focusEach and every one of us actively contributes to the high-quality and individual adaptability of our services. We are thus always one step ahead of the competition. To deliver on this promise, we need every MEC colleague and our agility. How do we do it? It’s right here. here.

Our agility training has paid off:

Re-letting and redesign of former Real supermarket branches

Ob Edeka, Marktkauf, Globus oder Kaufland – an vielen unserer Standorte, in denen vorher eine Real-Filiale angesiedelt war, haben wir ideale Nachmieter gefunden. So konnten wir gemeinsam in den vergangenen Monaten bereits viele Eröffnungen feiern. Die Bedürfnisse unserer Centerbesucher und die Angebotskompetenzen unserer Mietpartner haben wir dabei stets im Fokus und stimmen diese aufeinander ab.

Durch enge Zusammenarbeit mit den neuen Händlern, Eigentümern und Städten gelingt uns erfolgreiches Standortmanagement. Auch wenn der Großteil bereits geschafft ist, geht es an einigen Standorten weiter: Bis zum Frühjahr 2023 haben wir noch einige Umnutzungen im Visier. Unsere interdisziplinär arbeitenden Teams freuen sich schon darauf. Denn wir bleiben immer in Bewegung.

Here are just a few of the store openings at our sites in Schwabach, Essen, Freiburg, Leipzig, and Lübeck.

Individually created contracts
All contracts are adapted to the needs of our clients. Colleagues from different departments are involved in creating all contracts for individual property services to ensure that the portfolio of services is precisely defined, and that the remit and personnel deployment can be defined.

Flexible working

Our company agreement allows us and our colleagues to work from home wherever possible for up to two days a week. This promotes a good work-life balance. And it also has a positive impact on our results, which benefits our clients, partners and our colleagues alike.

We never limit ourselves, but set out to discover opportunities.

That’s how we keep fit