We turn consumers into fans

Successful retailing needs attractive arenas. Center Management ensures orderly processes on site and an inspiring program that keeps the spectator coming back for more throughout the season.

Accordingly, our top priority is the development of individual location strategies and, as a result, a diversified branch mix.

Retail property as a strong brand

In the context of center management, it is neither strategic nor sustainable to implement a measure only now and then in order to increase frequency in the short term. If you want consumers and tenants to become loyal fans and return again and again, you have to provide good reasons every day. This can be achieved by focusing clearly on their needs and positioning a retail property as a strong brand.

Infrastructural and technical on-site management

A functioning infrastructure and stable technical building management lay the foundation for a positive atmosphere. They ensure that customers feel comfortable. A number of important tasks are performed around the retail property, without which the shopping experience would suffer greatly.

FAME principle

Beim Facility Management setzen wir auf unser ergebnisorientiertes FAME-Prinzip, das weggeht von einem rein leistungsorientierten, quantitativen Ansatz. „FAME“ steht für Facility Management-, Ausschreibungs-, Management- und Ergebnissteuerungssystem.
Als Goldstandard sorgt FAME aufgrund klar definierter Qualitätskriterien langfristig für Planbarkeit und Konstanz beim Facility Management. Außerdem überträgt es die Umsetzung der Betreiberverantwortung vom Investor auf den FM-Partner.

Nicht jede Handelsimmobilie benötigt das volle Programm von FAME. Wir entwickeln maßgeschneiderte Lösungen für jede Anforderung.

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