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From the spectator's point of view, a sporting event derives its attractiveness from the top performances of the field of participants. The situation is similar for a retail property: The decisive factor is a varied tenant mix that is closely geared to the needs and wishes of the consumer.
Attractive brands enrich the location, attract the public and, as loyal tenants, ensure stable long-term returns.

Exciting tenant mix

A significant part in the branding of retail locations is played by their tenants and their offerings. It is true that the market has clearly shifted to a tenant market, which has an impact on rent levels and contract terms. At the same time, this opens up opportunities for an exciting tenant mix that not only signs up the well-known crowd pleasers, but also gives new talent room to flourish.

Qualified leasing management

What is needed, therefore, is qualified leasing management. Its task is to achieve a healthy mix that benefits everyone involved. To achieve this, we send interlocking services into the race. Leasing is supported by specialists from Commercial Asset Management, Center Management, Lease Management and Legal.
With our broad and deep tenant portfolio, we are always in pole position when it comes to leasing - both nationally and internationally. We maintain long-standing personal contacts with actual and potential tenants and, thanks to our close cooperation with ECE Leasing, have the largest leasing network in Germany at our disposal. We always want to find the right tenant of the right size in the right space. That is why we acquire tenants in a targeted and effective manner. With our leasing management services, we put retail properties on the winner's podium and maximize the chances of a successful race - always in line with the investor's return targets.

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