Top performance for retail properties
We rely on our client and market focus. It gives us the strength to perform on the market to the best of our ability – day after day. We are successful there because we are a strong MEC team. We know exactly what our customers need. And we know what is happening on the market. Our team has an overview and is up to date. Our knowledge of our clients’ needs and wishes, combined with our knowledge and expertise in the market, help us to realise the very best customised solutions together. This sets us apart from our competitors.

How do we do it? It’s right here.

Our strength training has paid off:


Seit April 2021 haben wir in Zusammenarbeit mit Mietern und auf Nachfrage der Centerbesucher den Aufbau von Corona-Teststationen an vielen MEC-Standorten unterstützt. Weil wir die Bekämpfung des Coronavirus als große Gemeinschaftsaufgabe ansehen. 34 Teststationen sind dadurch entstanden.

Ab Juni 2021 haben wir zusätzlich in Kooperation mit unseren Partnern Impfstationen etabliert. An 24 Standorten konnten unsere Besucher schon ihre Ärmel hochkrempeln (Stand: Mai 2022). Unsere Teams arbeiten weiter daran, noch mehr Termine und Impfstationen auf die Beine zu stellen.

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VaccinationCampaign #GetVaccinatedHere #HierWirdGeimpft

New vaccination centres and successes


MEC has been offering its new Property Management service since October 2019 – because our customers asked for it. Working closely with a Technical Manager, Property Managers look after smaller commercial properties from head office, which do not require their own Centre Management team on site. Our Property Managers are all-rounders. As the sole contact for all issues relating to the site, they reduce the number of interfaces and workload. And investors are pleased about the efficient one-stop client service.


Following demand from our investors, MEC now provides optimum service in terms of adherence to deadlines and budget compliance of construction projects, general planning services and building control through its Technical Property Management department. The Technical Property Management department provides successful support for

Technically complex construction projects

Renovation measures for subsequent lettings

Comprehensive modernisation of technical equipment

Centre expansions

Interior and exterior refurbishments

To complement the project-based services offered by the Technical Property Management and Technical Management departments, MEC also provides central support through its Tender, Award and Billing (AVA) department for the administrative handling of technical work.

Following the reorganisation of our technical departments, we assigned the Technical Management department to the Centre & Property Management Teams in 2018. Technical Management supports the Centre Managers / Property Managers on all technical issues and allows us to professionally handle even smaller construction projects.


We gave our Energy Audit the green light in 2015. Potential energy savings in shopping centres and retail properties have been more easily identified and used – and so even more precisely met client requirements – with the EASYproduct, or Energy Audit System for short, which was specially developed for MEC sites.


In 2012, we developed FAME Our Facilities Management, Tender, Management and Results Control system (known as FAME) has enabled us to even better meet market and client demands. Using clearly defined quality criteria, this FM standard ensures the planning and continuity of centre management together with our FM service providers in the long term.

It won’t get easier, we’ll get stronger.

That’s how we keep fit