Digitalisation, urbanisation, climate protection – an innovation boost for retail properties. MEC has just the right performance booster. An integrated 360° approach and interdisciplinary solutions – that’s our custom fitness strategy for your successful retail properties in the 21st century.

We believe that successful retail properties need customised strategies tailored to the specific location rather than standard solutions. We are the thought leaders and solution managers. We are trained ‘professional athletes’ in the retail property sector, and reliable team players for real estate investors.

Fit with the MEC team, fit through MEC. That’s our mantra. It’s our performance booster for your retail properties. Our promise to our customers is based on five fitness qualities: Strength (client and market focus), Coordination (teamwork & interdisciplinary work ethic), Agility (custom solutions), Speed (agile work ethic & learning company) and Stamina (focus on results).
For more insights, take a look at our digital Training Centre and get your retail site in shape with the MEC Performance Booster.

The five qualities of our Fitness Booster for retail sites


Client and market focus


Teamwork & interdisciplinary work ethic


Custom solutions


Agile work ethic & learning company


Focus on results