MEC is the performance center for retail properties and retail professionals: Under one roof, we combine consulting and services coordinated down to the last detail for the planning, management and optimization of all types of retail properties.
MEC was founded in 2011 as an independent joint venture of METRO and ECE: an agile, results-oriented team, equipped with all the skills to achieve top performance. Started as a specialist for retail parks and hybrid malls, we have developed a high level of retail expertise and have continuously evolved.

Know what works

On the retail playing field, we are the dynamic, forward-thinking interface in the midst of consumers, tenants and investors. Our incentive is to understand the ever-changing market, identify trends early and incorporate current developments into our daily work. By observing, learning and drawing the right conclusions, we help create attractive retail properties: from the point of view of the consumer, who expects a finely tuned, diverse offering. From the perspective of the tenant, for whom high visitor frequencies help to generate rewarding sales. From the point of view of the investor, whose returns benefit from a sustained high level of space utilization at good rental conditions by good tenants.

Together to the top

In our work we master different tasks, sometimes in a sprint, sometimes as a marathon. What distinguishes us as a team is the lived interdisciplinary approach.

We have banished silo thinking to the stands and sent team spirit onto the track. From specialists in sub-areas, we form a tailor-made, interdisciplinary management team for each property, which passes the baton on to each other and makes the best decisions together.

Uns MEC-ler eint die Leidenschaft für Handelsimmobilien, zudem verstehen wir unser Handwerk. Das breite und tiefe Know-how unseres Teams gründet auf über 70 erfolgreichen Management-Mandaten. Mit dieser Erfahrung betreuen wir jährlich über 1,6 Mio. m² bewirtschaftete Fläche in ganz Deutschland.

Who rests does not advance

To stay at the top, you have to constantly develop and improve. That's why we encourage fresh and independent thinking. In addition, we foster an open corporate culture that places a high value on learning. We are always on the move, being thorough, analytical and transparent. Safety is a high priority for us, especially with regard to the expectations of our clients and customers in terms of costs, deadlines and quality. In addition, we are independent, a speedboat rather than a luxury liner: nimble, flexible and focused, always accompanied by the constructive spirit of a start-up. Sustainable success is what drives us. We want satisfied consumers, satisfied tenants and satisfied clients. Because their satisfaction is our applause. That's why we work with strength, perseverance and dynamism to achieve our ambitious goals. Our market leadership shows us that our efforts are worthwhile.

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Christian Schröder

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Managing Director CFO

Sebastian Kienert

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