You can also learn to win

We work agile because we want to react quickly to signals and changes. In this way, we adapt to new framework conditions at an early stage and continuously learn new things as an organization – for us, our customers and partners. Our agile way of working and our thirst for knowledge pay off - and ultimately on the MEC result. Together we act dynamically, develop further, develop market-oriented solutions. Our agile work ethic and our thirst for knowledge pay off – and are ultimately reflected in MEC’s results. Together, we act dynamically, continue to develop, and design market-focused solutions.

We have always embodied an open corporate culture in which learning is a high priority. Our motivation is to understand the constantly changing market and recognise trends at an early stage. This is the only way of taking current developments into account in our everyday work. It is crucial that we learn from our mistakes. Mistakes happen, so let’s learn from them. To be better the next time. Ganz wichtig: Wir lernen aus Fehlern. Sie passieren, also nehmen wir ihre Botschaft auf. Für das bessere nächste Mal.

Continuous improvement is one of our main objectives. But we need to continuously reflect and be thirsty for knowledge. This is where our speed is called for. Hier ist unsere Schnelligkeit gefragt.

How do we do it? It’s right here. 

Our speed training has paid off:

Further development of the MEC employer brand

At MEC we constantly question our actions. Because we want to avoid ingrained patterns as far as possible in order to make even better use of potential. That's why we organized a dialogue format in 2022, in which we reflected together with an external coach on what makes the MEC special and what opportunities could be used even more. In an open and honest dialogue, the participants did not mince their words. The aim is, thanks to the results, to tweak a number of adjustment screws and ultimately to jointly develop the right employer branding for the MEC.

A first result is the introduction of a first-name culture. In order to make it easier for our employees to communicate with each other and to drive a line across locations as a #oneTeam, the management offered everyone the "du" at the beginning of 2023 and thus officially invited to the first-name culture. We see the company-wide salutation as an opportunity to grow even closer together as an organization. The "du" underlines the appreciation for the individual skills of each colleague in the MEC team. It promotes open communication, agility and exchange at eye level. We are convinced of that.

Always secure thanks to proven crisis processes

Where many people meet, special situations can sometimes arise. Bomb threats or ATM blasts are of course anything but nice, but they are part of everyday life at our locations. Thanks to our experience and our hands-on mentality, we tackle difficult situations, initiate security measures and maintain day-to-day operations. Thank you for good crisis management a la MEC.

Training at the MEC

We have been training young people at MEC for a long time - whether trainees, dual students or commercial apprentices. The Immobilien Zeitung has already reported that training at MEC is very popular with young talents. Here is the article: Immobilien Zeitung berichtet. Hier geht´s zum Artikel:

2022-09-29_Die Branche ist in bei den Azubis_IZ

Since 2022 we have been offering the new commercial training for real estate agents (m/f/d). Our new "commercial training camp" is a real enrichment for the MEC. Because by going through all the areas relevant to the job description, we train the experts of tomorrow with Shirley and Erik we train the experts of tomorrow.

As a partner company of the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, MEC has been offering young talents the opportunity to enter the industry with a dual degree in real estate management for years. We presented our current “Dualis” Julia and Moritz here hier vorgestellt.

Whether commercial training or dual studies: Our goal is to develop young talents and, ideally, to integrate them into our company in the long term. The best example of this: Ann-Kathrin went on to become a leasing management trainee with us after completing her bachelor's degree.

Space for change to develop our potential

We promote and support talent. Because we as a team are the success factor for the MEC. Depending on the performance and interest, this can sometimes mean a change of subject. Some of our colleagues have already successfully switched to another area of activity - and continued to get started there. Because with us everyone can do what they are good at and enjoy. That is why we support our colleagues in their further development. With the start of 2022, several colleagues changed positions, as as this report shows..

We also fill management positions from within our own ranks. In 2021 we were able to fill around three newly created management positions with colleagues who already have a lot of MEC power. Who that was is here..

Growth in numbers

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New organisational structures

In 2021, for instance, we integrated the Commercial Administration Management (CADM) department as the Contract Management (ConM) department into the newly reorganised Legal & Administration Services division. The reason: it will make us faster, more client-focused, and will lead to improved specialisation and professionalism. This will enable us to meet our customers’ requirements even more efficiently and precisely.

In 2021, we also set up our own in-house HR team.

In 2020, we first created the Property Management organisation.

New Work

The new agile world of work has been visualised through the visual design of our brand.

Wir drehen uns nicht um, denn andere könnten uns überholen.

That’s how we keep fit