Rendering of the new Dreieich Nordpark: The MEC construction team was able to successfully complete the extensive rental area division in 2023. Source: TBI Architecture & Engineering / steguweit brand perspectives / MEC

MEC's construction business continues to grow

• 33 general planning projects completed
• 1,318 total activities related to complex and small construction projects carried out
• Increase in order volume by around 15 percent

Successful 2023 financial year: MEC, the retail real estate specialist and national market leader for the operation of retail parks, was able to successfully complete 33 general planning projects on various retail properties last year. Since MEC was newly commissioned for many construction measures and others are still being implemented, the commercial real estate specialist carried out a total of 1,318 total activities related to complex and small construction measures in 2023. This includes, for example, the creation of order letters and construction contracts or the processing of guarantees. Compared to the previous year, this is an increase in order volume of around 15 percent (previously: 1,150 total activities).

With their technical and commercial know-how, the MEC construction specialists from Technical Property Management support comprehensive projects holistically - from the idea to completion. The best example of this is the renovation in Dreieich Nordpark, which is currently in the final stages of implementation. Last year, MEC was able to build a total of five new rental spaces there and make them expandable for the new dealers. In addition, the construction experts were able to complete the modernization of the center mall and successfully renewed the entire outdoor advertising system. “As part of the area conversion, our work focuses on reducing energy consumption. The installation of new ventilation and lighting systems therefore plays an important role for us. “We always consider hybrid systems to generate thermal energy,” says Sven Schneeweiß, Head of Technical Property Management. “Thanks to the measures we implemented, we were able to make the Dreieich Nordpark more attractive for visitors and also make it future-proof for the owner,” continued Schneeweiß.