Rental spaces in retail parks are in demand

MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG has successfully rented out two large spaces in the retail parks it manages in Mannheim and Essen. MEC is concluding rental contracts for the first time with "Swiss Sense", a supplier of divan beds, and "Gourmet Tempel", a large-area Asian buffet restaurant.

Buffet restaurant with Asian flair
At the Kronenberg Center in Essen, "Gourmet Tempel" has rented a space of 1,850m². The Chinese-Mongolian buffet restaurant will have 700 seats and a lounge and bar area, and is expected to open its doors at the start of next year. It will mainly offer Asian dishes, but also various steak variants, and all at a flat-rate price. The franchise design is already represented in many German cities, including in Dortmund and Munich. "We are happy to have found an attractive tenant for the Kronenberg Center in the form of Gourmet Tempel. This is sure to also generate positive effects for the new Krupp Belt nearby," says Head of Leasing Management at MEC, Christian Thiele.

Swiss Sense ensures comfortable sleep
Swiss Sense, a supplier of divan beds and accessories, is expected to move into an area of 950 m² at the Kurpfalz Center in Mannheim in August/September. This is the Dutch company's 4th location in Germany. With more than 60 outlets, this experienced bed manufacturer is already successful in the Netherlands and Belgium. "With this new lease to Swiss Sense, the Center is gaining an innovative concept in the home sector, which is still very fresh on the German market," explains the Leasing Manager at MEC, Nils Grötzner.