MEC signs a cooperation agreement with SpaceandPeople

Reorganisation of the mall marketing

MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG will be cooperating with the marketing company SpaceandPeople GmbH over the next four years. The German company, based in Hamburg but with a British parent company, specialises in the marketing and sales and distribution of mall spaces in shopping centers. "From our cooperation with SpaceandPeople, we expect to gain access to a long list of regional, national and international retailers who are interested in renting our mall space", explains Christian Schröder, COO of MEC. By making use of the space in our center, there is even more potential for us to take advantage of over the coming years", he says.

"The cooperation with MEC is a significant development for us in the German market. The center of MEC not only supplements our network geographically, but also with regard to the diversification of various types of shopping center", says Volker Skibbe, managing director of SpaceandPeople GmbH. SpaceandPeople has already been cooperating with ECE for more than five years and currently brings to market the retail space of over 80 shopping centers belonging to them. "With MEC's retail parks we can now make the campaigns of agencies and brand manufacturers possible nationwide, and serve a diverse range of target groups", says Skibbe.