Die MEC verantwortet seit 2011 das Centermanagement im Fachmarktzentrum in Greifswald.

MEC receives mandate from PATRIZIA for Elisen Park Greifswald

MEC, the retail real estate specialist and national market leader for the operation of retail parks, continues to be responsible for center management in Elisen Park Greifswald. After the general rental agreement of METRO PROPERTIES expired, MEC received a new mandate for the location from Rockspring HBOS Greifswald (Jersey) Limited, a PATRIZIA fund company. Both companies have now concluded a multi-year contract.

MEC has been responsible for center management in the retail park in Greifswald since 2011. Elisen Park offers its customers around 45 shops on over 43,000 square meters of retail space, including retailers such as Kaufland, Media Markt and OBI.