Trainee programme launched for Center and Leasing Managers

MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG has launched a new trainee programme for future “Center (CM) and Leasing Managers (LM)”. During their 18-month training, the candidates go through four modules to qualify themselves from CM/LM trainees over Junior CMs/LMs to fully trained, permanently employed CMs/LMs. Three candidates have taken part since the beginning of October and further CM trainees are being sought for.

Practical orientation and proficiency

The trainee will be supported by a mentor and the educational content will be delivered in a practical manner. In the introductory module the trainee will gain first impressions and an understanding of the processes and the entire context of MEC. In the following training module, technical backgrounds from other departments such as Property Management, Marketing and Development will be conveyed.

During the training module the trainee will accompany his mentor in his everyday work in the respective field in order to gain experience and confidence in the accomplishment of his future tasks. In the last stage, the qualification module, the acquired skills will be fostered through independent work, and potential weaknesses and knowledge deficits will be eliminated by targeted training.

Business growth calls for new ways of employee recruitment

Six years after the establishment of MEC, the center portfolio has grown by 42%. “Educational training and employee training are cornerstones of our success. The new trainee programme provides newcomers the chance to learn from scratch about the demands of both these fields and to familiarise themselves with MEC’s corporate culture,” says Christian Schröder, COO at MEC.

Applications still accepted

Das Traineeprogramm richtet sich an Hochschulabsolventen mit Schwerpunkt Immobilienwirtschaft, BWL o.ä. sowie Quereinsteigern aus ähnlichen Berufsfeldern. Interessierte KanditatInnen fürs Centermanagement, die in den Regionen Nord und Ost ausgebildet werden, können Ihre Bewerbungen an schicken.