The Remsgalerie in Schwäbisch Gmünd is one of the 25 retail properties operated by MEC without a permanent on-site presence of a center management.

Management of small commercial properties: MEC combines remote control with local expertise

Fast response times possible thanks to the nationwide presence of the Düsseldorf retail real estate specialist

MEC, the retail real estate specialist and national market leader for the operation of retail parks, is optimizing its range of services for smaller retail locations. The new strategy concerns the management of retail properties without an on-site presence of center management teams. The MEC combines its operator expertise in the remote control of such objects with its nationwide organizational structure and thus short response times.

Currently, 25 of the more than 65 retail locations operated by MEC across Germany are managed from the Düsseldorf headquarters without an on-site presence. These are primarily smaller retail properties where the presence of center management teams is not absolutely necessary. The demand from owners of such retail locations for this special MEC solution offering has increased sharply since its market launch three years ago.

“In order to optimize our services for these properties and further increase our service quality for our customers, we rely on one of MEC’s key strengths, the nationwide, comprehensive presence of our management teams,” explains COO Christian Schröder. This means that the smaller retail locations previously managed from Düsseldorf are now looked after by local center management teams who are present in the region of the respective location and are also responsible for the operation of larger retail properties. “In this way, we can offer our customers a remote solution, especially for smaller retail properties, with remote control of the properties from the respective region and at the same time guarantee them regional expertise and fast response times,” says Christian Schröder, explaining MEC’s expanded range of services.