MEC's FAME concept also convinces external examiners

Scoring 95 out of 100 points, the Indupark Center managed by MEC came out of the independent facility management test with an excellent result with its FM concept FAME . In the first quarter of 2016, Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG arranged for the FM services at several of their real estate properties to be investigated by the independent consulting and service company Facility Consultants GmbH from Herrenberg.

"We contracted the experts from Facility Consultants GmbH because we were confronted with very different FM services in our properties. We wanted to get to the bottom of these significant differences in quality," says Klaus Betz, Head of Real Estate at Württembergische Lebensversicherung AG, explaining the motivation behind the decision. The Stuttgart-based company therefore arranged the investigation of two retail parks, an office building, and a building complex that combines a hotel with retail, dining and office facilities.

How the investigation went
Facility Consultants GmbH first analysed the contracts of the FM service providers engaged at the four locations. This analysis focussed in particular on the formulation of the description of services, and then compared this with the actual performance of services onsite. In addition, the structural and procedural processes of property management, and the commercial, technical and infrastructural aspects of the facility management process were investigated.

Indupark Center: Clear definition and organisation
The Indupark Center managed by MEC was impressive all down the line. The examiners praised the clear definition of the required services, which permits very little freedom of interpretation, and which is correspondingly suitable for auditing the services. Furthermore, documentation and information documents were emphasised, e.g. the security folders, and the general quality of reporting. "The excellent cooperation of the property and facility management service provider in Dortmund is absolutely exemplary, and fulfils our high expectations for qualified building management," emphasises Betz.

FAME: for modern location management
Around three years ago, MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement issued new invitations to tender and awarded new contracts for the facility management assignments of the majority of the Center portfolio. In this invitation to tender, the requirements for the new service providers were described for the first time not from the perspective of the party performing the service, but in terms of measurable results with a multi-level integrated quality measurement system. "We are delighted that FAME has convinced an external surveyor. The clearly defined quality criteria have proven very effective, and simplify the cooperation of all participants," explains the CFO of MEC, Jann Robert. The FAME concept is applied at every Center MEC takes into its portfolio.