ECE and METRO extend MEC’s joint venture contract

ECE Projektmanagement GmbH & Co. KG und METRO GROUP Asset Management Services GmbH haben den Joint Venture Vertrag der MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG bis Ende 2020 verlängert. Damit unterstreichen die beiden paritätischen Gesellschafter ihren Wunsch, die Erfolgsgeschichte der MEC fortzusetzen.

The CFO of METRO PROPERTIES, Jürgen Schwarze, said after the signing, “MEC has achieved a great deal in the last five years. In the years ahead, I am firmly convinced that it will continue to make targeted use of the market potential it has created, and expand it further.” Currently, MEC has 49 centers under management (+39% since its foundation).

The CEO of ECE, Alexander Otto, is likewise impressed by the development of MEC. “I think the results of the last few years are quite respectable. In addition to the rapid growth of the young company, I am particularly pleased that MEC enjoys such a high reputation on the market after such a short time.”

“We are delighted by this vote of confidence from our shareholders,” emphasise the two Managing Directors of MEC, CFO Sebastian Kienert and COO Christian Schröder, adding, “The strategy of MEC for the years ahead will be to continue driving forward healthy growth in the highly attractive market of retail parks.”

Furthermore, MEC intends to increase the value of the centers already in its portfolio, in the form of project developments, expanding the range of services, etc.